Passion, What Is It?

Friday night is my big grocery shopping night. I like Friday night because the majority of people would never think to go to the store then, thus leaving it widely empty and free to navigate quickly. As I made my way down to the produce section, I noticed a man was putting out fresh apples close to where I usually pick out my apple of choice, Macintosh. My first reaction was a negative one, thinking to myself, “Of course he’s right in front of the Macs.”

As I grabbed a produce bag for the apples, I wiggled my way on the other side of his cart to take a grab at the fish pile of apples. Noticing my reaching, he graciously said, “Let me get this out of the way for you.”

After thanking him and grabbing the first of four apples, he made a comment if I had yet heard of this newly released, designer apple that has been in production for twelve years? At first, I thought he was joking- “Who the hell takes twelve years to make an apple?”, I though to myself. He wasn’t kidding, he grabbed a giant red apple off the pile next to the Mac’s. He proceeded to tell me, “This is the sugar crisp apple. They’ve been working on it for twelve years in Washington state. It is the latest designer apple. Look at how big it is, here feel it.”

He placed the apple in my hand and I was blown away at the weight and density of the apple. He noticed and said, “They’re a heavier apple than all the others because of all the juice in it.”

The other thing I noticed was how excited he was to tell me about these apples. His eyes were full of life and his voice full of enthusiasm. You could just tell how passionate he was about these apples and proud to be telling me all he knew. A smile came across my face connecting these dots. I handed the apple back to him and told him I would certainly give them a try next time. Thanking him for sharing his knowledge I headed further down the produce section with a lasting impression- that’s what passion looks like.

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