The Little Voice

You’re just about to do something and you hear it. The little voice in your head. It either encourages you or discourages you. More times than not it is not encouraging you. The dialogue is usually negative, saying things like, “This is stupid” or “You know it won’t work out.” It is this little voice that prevents us from doing so many things we yearn to do.

This little voice in our head is the biggest obstacle from our strongest desires. In order to be able to control your actions, you must control this little voice. Or better yet, turn it towards a positive little voice, reversing the typically negative little voice we all play slaves to. The human brain is a wonderful master but a poor servant. The ones who succeed in this life become the master of the three pound piece of tissue that resides between their ears. They are the master of it, determining what direction they seek to travel next.

To be normal is to be average. To be normal is to be a slave to the little voice in your head. To be extraordinary is to be in control of all thoughts produced. Sure, there will be doubt. The difference being that this doubt is quickly removed from any consideration. The space left void is to then be filled with feelings of confidence, fulfillment and joy.

Imagine if you could turn the little voice into your biggest cheerleader. Think of all that you could accomplish. How different would your life look like? What new trails would you blaze? What could you cross off your to-do list?


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