March Books

The Millionaire Next Door, Thomas J Stanley & William D Danko, Ph.D.

When you think of a millionaire, the first few thoughts that come to mind are likely a large house with fancy cars in the driveway, taking lots of vacations, wearing designer clothing and overall luxury. If you are like most people, you are wrong. The Millionaire Next Door outlines that most millionaires in America are found in what is considered to be middle-class neighborhoods, working blue-collar jobs.  This book is rooted in research and facts, not opinion. This is a classic read for anyone looking to achieve financial independence and change their mindset on money.

Tribe of Mentors, Timothy Ferriss

Want to know what some of the most successful people in business, literature, investing and athletics think you should ignore to reach your true potential? This is a great read for someone looking for advice on what to do next in life, or what over-used advice they should ignore. I love the book recommendations given in Tribe of Mentors, enough to keep you busy for a while. You will likely want to buy your own copy to have on reference and make notes in. Tim Ferriss delivers again.


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