June Books

Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone, J.K. Rowling

I first read the Sorcerer’s Stone in the fourth grade. All these years later, I still love Harry Potter. As an adult, I have a new-found appreciation for the imagination of Rowling. Think about it, everything we love in the stories is completely made up- muggles, Diagon Alley, Dumbledore, Quidditch- all is created by Rowling. I think this is one of the rare cases where the movie for a book did the book justice by bringing the characters and story to life. Jump on the Hogwarts Express and re-live (or partake for the first time) in the amazing journey of Harry Potter.

The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Michael Pollan

Ever wonder where our food comes from? How it gets from the farm to the grocery store? Best selling author, Michael Pollan answers those two questions and more in great detail. Follow along as his journey takes him from South Dakota, to a week on an organic farm in Virginia, to the woods, hunting and foraging for his dinner. He explores several methods of care, or lack thereof, required to turn raw ingredients into edible food you feed your family. This is an eye-opening read that may change your views on food.

Audio Books

Are you one of those people that gives the shallow, over used answer of “I don’t have time” when asked if you read? Well, I have a solution- audio books. Get all the benefit from reading a book without having to actually read the book!

A typical audio book takes anywhere from six to eight hours to listen in full. That means if you dedicate one hour a day to listen to a book, you could read roughly one book a week, or roughly fifty two books a year. That much reading (or listening) can change your world. This is a wonderful opportunity you have to learn and expand your knowledge base while completing an everyday task such as commuting to work.

With apps such as Audible, you can get any title in audio form to begin listening. If you read my earlier post about your library card, you know I love the library and all it has to offer everyone. Your library likely has a subscription service to Hoopla or OverDrive. All you need is a library card to gain access to hundreds of titles, e books and even music. These apps allow you to “check-out” audio books and more, most for FREE. I have been able to find many titles for free.

If you like listening to music or the radio on your commute to work and other places, I understand. One of the best investments I made was purchasing a wireless, bluetooth¬†Marshall speaker. At the time, I got it for the obvious reason to listen to music. After getting into audio books (and podcasts), I began to use it more and more to listen to these options. There is nothing like laying down, closing my eyes and putting on the latest fictional thriller I’m listening to- it transforms you right to the scene and allows you to visualize the characters and the story even better. The sound quality from the speaker is incredible, I highly recommend it.

Look at your time as an opportunity to maximize every minute. Driving to work or unwinding at the end of the day with an audio book is my recommendation to get started. Happy listening.