What exactly is time?

Where can it be found?

Some say it is the only resource that is not able to be reproduced. A commodity that is ever running out.

Some say there is plenty of it, while others warn there is never enough.

So, what is it?

To each person, time is different.

While one person is greeted by the morning sun, another is being greeted by the stars.

Once time was understood, a system was produced.

The calendar allowed for the tracking of this theory.

For each day is it’s own, never able to be relived.

Once a person understands, truly understands this concept of time, they will never look it the same.


He wasn’t always this way.

He used to be like the rest, following the crowd.

But one day he asked, “why?”

That was the day he changed.

It set him off on a wonderful journey, one he did not know where he would go, or how long it would take.

He began to read, listen and see.

Slowly it came. Not all at once but, piece by piece.

He was building something that excited him. He yearned for more.

Connecting the dots was a part of the journey.

The more dots connected, the clearer the picture came into focus.

Several years in, he now know how long the journey will take. Forever.


Fill your head with knowledge,

Fill your heart with love,

Fill your ears with sweet sounds,

Fill your eyes with light,

Fill your mouth with nourishment,

Fill your feet with steps,

Fill your hands with things worth holding,

Go on and fill the world.

What If

What if Hemingway never wrote,

What if Johnny never asked June,

What if Kobe never dribbled,

What if George, Paul, John and Ringo never played,

What if Denzel never acted,

What if Apollo never flew,

What if Gretzky never scored,

What if Rosa never sat down,

What if…