Your Highway

There’s a saying in sports that goes like, “the team that makes the least amount of mistakes, wins the game.”

Simple yet likely accurate forecast theory.

If your quarterback throws five interceptions, odds are you will lose the game. If you fumble the ball four times, odds are you will lose the game.

You get the idea.

Many other factors will influence the outcome of the contest but, the number of mistakes made is extremely insightful into predicting a winner.

Same goes for life.

In a scene from the show, Yellowstone, one of the characters explains life to a young man who has found himself in trouble. He explains that a young persons’ life is like a vast, multi-lane highway with unlimited exits. Your possible routes and destinations are almost unlimited. However, as you go further along in life and make poor decisions, those exits begin to disappear and the amount of lanes available to use your blinker and change become limited.

If you view life like I do, a game, making good, solid decisions are a good way to win. Now, this view could be challenged in that if you are always making good decisions, are you really trying hard enough to push the boundaries of what is safe and conservative?

Yes. Therefore, you need to have a balance of risk.

Risk greatly increases the odds of bad decisions occurring. But, without risk, you likely never reach your true potential.

Life is a constant balance, a yin and a yang, push versus pull.

A savings account is a great way to safely maintain your money. Investing in the market is a great way to grow your money but, it will be exposed to risk. The potential to lose it all is on the table, so is the opportunity for it to double every seven years.

As you walk along on your journey, avoiding bad decisions is critical to success, however you define it. Make decisions that lead to better opportunities. Maintain a healthy balance of risk.

May your highway of life be full of options.


What’s more contagious than coronavirus?

Bad attitude, lack of motivation and thinking small.

If you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, is your average trending up or down?

Pessimism, negativity and viewing the glass as half empty are highly contagious in their own right.

Just like misery loves company, so do all these traits.

Be weary of the people you surround yourself with. Energy constantly travels, never remaining stagnant. You either give off energy our suck it away like an overused device.

While the world has a short-term concern over a disease not visible to the human eye, there is another disease that circulates stronger throughout the year.


30 Thoughts From a 30 Year Old

Thirty is a big number. Here are a few meditations of mine over the last thirty trips around the sun:

1. Keep It Simple

Life will get complicated on it’s own, don’t aid in the confusion

2. Follow Your Gut

You know that funny feeling deep down? Listen to it

3. Enjoy Alone Time

Being alone and lonely are not the same, enjoy your ‘me-time’

4. Take Care Of Your Body

You only get one, take good care of it, it has to last you the rest of your life

5. Mental Health Is Real

The three pounds of tissue between your ears is a terrible servant

6. Always Be Reading

Fall in love with reading anything and everything- all the answers lie in books

7. Be Bold

Fortune favors the bold, don’t be afraid to stick out

8. Keep Your Circle Small

Small circle, small drama = happiness

9. Think About Death

You can’t escape it and one day you will face it, be okay with ending the ride

10. Enjoy The Journey

You don’t ride a roller coaster for a smooth, boring ride. Enjoy the highs and lows, twists and turns, it’s your only time through

11. Talk To Strangers

They have the best stories

12. No One Is Coming To Save You

This life is yours and yours alone, become the master of it

13. Money Is Important, But Not The Only Thing

Learn the rules to the game and play them well but you can’t take it with you

14. Speak Only When You Have Something To Say

Too many people talk without ever saying anything

15. Write

Get a notebook and just write

16. Watch The Sunset

Each is different and beautiful on it’s own, enjoy the little things

17. Say ‘I Love You’

Say it if you mean it, it’s the best three words out there

18. Smile

Be happy with no reason to be

19. Quality Over Quantity

Never, ever sacrifice quality for quantity- ever

20. Sunlight

Soak it up, it heals more than you think

21. Close Your Eyes When You Listen To Music

Immerse yourself in it, feel every chord, listen to every verse, transport yourself to the studio it was recorded. Music is time travel

22. Travel Alone

Go where you want, when you want. It’s the balls

23. Enjoy The Little Things

Big things are cool, but little things are priceless- know the difference cause there is a difference

24. Get A Goodnight’s Sleep Every Night

Every great day starts with 8-9 hours of shut eye

25. Meditate

It’s not just for monks

26. Remain Child-Like At Heart

Children see the world differently than adults- don’t lose that

27. Get Good At Saying ‘No’

It is a super power

28. Try Something New

Be brave enough to suck at something

29. Fear Is Not Real

It’s all in your own head

30. Walk in the Woods 

Spend time in nature, leave your phone at home, you won’t get lost- if you do, figure it out

Bonus: Break The Rules

They’re meant to be broken


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April Books

Meet the Frugalwoods, Elizabeth Willard Thames

This was a great read on chasing what truly makes you happy in life. A young couple had it all- a great home in the city, high paying jobs, designer clothes but they never really felt happy. One day it came to them, we’re happiest when we are in nature and away from the bright lights and traffic in the city. Adopting a mindset of frugality and simple living, follow along a young family who makes a 180 degree lifestyle change and finds happiness in rural Vermont on a homestead. Personal finance nerds, this ones is for you.

What Makes Sammy Run, Budd Schulberg

I discovered this book via recommendations from Tools of Titans. A fictional story of how to make it in Hollywood. Follow along as a young, ambitious man from New York heads out west to try and make a dent in the film industry. He does that and much more as he climbs the ladder as a writer in film and becomes a big-shot in Tinseltown. The characters are memorable and the story is a winding road to the end.


What man can you show me who places any value on his time, who reckons the worth of each day, who understands that he is dying daily? For we are mistaken when we look forward to death; the major portion of death has already passed. Whatever years lie behind us are in death’s hands.